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Arco Kats

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I have been working with Richard in a Hospitality training project in The Gambia for Senegambia Beach Hotel. He is always looking for the best, without compromise, but with love and with a talent development focus. Sharp, Direct, Positive, and Reliable…

Rijn Platteel

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If considering Richard as you business partner bear in mind that you bring mental dynamite inside. In the years I worked with Richard he always thinks twice and comes up with suggestions, ideas and solutions that no one thought of before. Richard understands people because he loves them. That way Richard gets results and gets […]

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Martijn Jungst

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Richard is a goal oriented manager. He coaches and manages his colleages with patience and trust. He exceeds expectations and expects his employees to do the same. He uses his expertise and personality to make friends and synergy. After three years of working closely together I have learned he always walks his talk, he delivers […]

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